Where Can I Listen to Satellite Radio?

Once you decide that satellite radio is for you, you're going to have to decide which company to go with. You have Sirius and XM to choose from, and there are several factors in considering which one to go with. There is cost, which realistically is the same between the two. There is also station selection. This one is a biggie, and rightfully so. Both providers offer a large variety of stations, in all music genres, and they offer a good selection of sports channels, news channels, talk channels and more. There are some differences though, in station availability, so make sure that you research each provider's program guide.

Another big factor, and this one sometimes gets overlooked until you after you have already signed the deal, is what device or devices do you have to choose from to listen to your satellite on. Each provider offers devices for the home or office, for the car and portable devices. While some are going to be very similar, others are going to different quite a bit. Keep in mind also, that your monthly subscription only pays for one device. If you want multiple devices, it will cost you a little more each month. Here is a little information about the many ways you can listen to your satellite radio:

Both providers offer online listening, included with your monthly subscription. So you can listen online from your computer, without ever having to buy another device. This option would be good for those that spend a lot of time on their computer. If you work in an environment where you can listen to the radio, and you work on a computer, this could work for you as well. While convenient, many people consider the Internet as an additional way to listen, not as their only way.

Home, Office, Car and On the Go
Both Sirius and XM have a good selection of devices, but Sirius does seem to have a larger variety. You are going to be able to get devices that are strictly for the car or strictly for your home. If you go with XM, it looks like everything is portable, with kits and accessories that you can purchase to adapt those devices to the car or to your home. With Sirius, while you can get portable devices and adapters, it looks like you can get devices that are more specific to what you need them for. For instance, the devices for the home or office are larger (resembling your cable or satellite TV receiver).

Either way, it's going to come down to personal preference. For many, the portable device is the most convenient. You can take it with you when you go or you can dock it for use in the car or home. No matter which way you go, be it portable or more stationary, you are going to have many options ranging in color choices (you can get your portables in many colors, including pink for the little princess in your life) and price.

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