Choose An Internet Connection That Meets Your Requirements

ISPs or internet service providers are companies that give customers access to the internet. There are numerous providers considering how many of us use the internet for communication and business. However, there are only a few types of internet connections.

By type, we mean the hardware or method that allows us to connect to the internet. Slower connections like dial ups are no longer popular except where better services are not available or in regions where broadband or WiFi is too expensive.

The speed of ISP services varies greatly from only a couple of kilobytes a second to several hundred of megabits a second. This speed comes at a price with fast connections costing four or five times the cost of slower dial ups.

Dial up: Dial up services rely on a conventional telephone line to transmit data between your computer and servers. It's among the first type of internet connections made available to the public. The quality of phone lines plays a role but maximum speeds do not usually cross 56 kbps. After the slow speed, dial up connections are very cheap and are available anywhere phone lines can be established.

DSL: Digital subscriber line or DSL technology also uses phone lines but with the addition of models to increase internet speed. ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) and SDSL (symmetric digital subscriber line) make up the technology.

Speeds range between 128 kbps and 9 Mbps. Line condition and DSL technology have a bearing on speed.

Cable: Cable, also called broadband, is a notch above DSL. Although incredibly fast, it's not cost prohibitive. Depending on the subscription plan (whether limited or unlimited bandwidth), monthly charges can run up to and over $ 55. It's possible to get a better deal if your ISP and cable TV provider are one and the same.

The term 'cable' applies to the use of fiber optic cables used in cable television lines. Since bandwidth is greater with coaxial cables, speeds can touch 20 Mbps which is extremely fast.

WiFi: WiFi is based on newer technology than broadband. It uses no cables and phone lines but radio waves to transmit data. Think of cell phones and how they work. WiFi is run on the same principle.

What is needed is an adapter and a router to decode the signals sent by the device using WiFi and transmit them back. Again, depending on the technology and signal strength, speeds can touch up to 300 Mbps although the average is around 11 Mbps.

WiFi is fast becoming the standard way to access the Web in urban cities. However, limited range of hotspots (areas with accessible WiFi) and the expensive cost of the technology are stumbling blocks for many regions.

So, which type is the best for you? If you're a novice internet user and want to be able to download, upload, communicate (video, voice) and access the web for a variety of purposes, a broadband will serve you well. If your city has many hotspots then WiFi is a wiser choice. If, however, you do not intend to use the internet for reasons other than occasionally checking your email or simply surfing the Web, a DSL will serve you just fine. Remember, fast connections are a joy to use but if you have no use for them, you'll be wasting good money every month.

Checking Your Car's Cooling System

Regular inspection of a vehicles cooling system is a task which can be performed by anyone, even those not experts in the field of automotive. This inspection is very important especially during spring season when cars easily experience overheating due to poorly maintained cooling system.

Unfortunately most owners deal with their cooling system problem when it is already severe.

Car owners are advised to make sure there is enough coolant or antifreeze in the system. Inspecting the level of coolant or antifreeze is made easy with many recent model cars having semi-transparent plastic coolant reservoirs.

Auto mobile experts say a vehicle must also have 50:50 antifreeze or coolant and water mixture.

The span of the coolant mixture is as important as ratio of the mixture. This is because the coolant contains corrosion inhibitors which are vital to the engines life.

Rust, scale and acid formation are results of failure to keep fresh coolant in the system. Occasionally, this can also result in over heating and engine damage. Replacing the coolant can help prevent this.

Thirty thousand miles or 24 months is the typical coolant replacement interval for many vehicles. But some newer more refined cars with extended-life coolant can go 100,000 miles or more.

Before, automated repair shops suggest opening the radiator petcock valve and removing the lower radiator hose to drain the fluid into a catch pan for later reclamation. However, in this era with advanced technology, this procedure gives rise to a few problems. First is that the old fluid is being trapped in hoses, in the heater core and in the engine block. In rare cases, majority of the fluid is held only to be mixed with the fresh coolant. This contamination severely diminishes the new coolant or antifreezes efficiency, quality and corrosion inhibitor longevity.

Another thing is that any rust or scale deposits in the radiator, heater core or engine remain after the drain and refill. This results to a blockage. This blockage further diminishes the cooling systems efficiency and increases the chances of excessive heating.

Lastly, the proper disposition of old coolant captures all of the old ones, including that which was flushed from the system with water, and delivering it to a recycling center.

Volkswagen, maker of quality VW fan, offers performance quality cooling system that does not easily breaks down even during very hot weather. Nonetheless, maintenance must also be done to extend its longevity.

Why Do People Read Magazines?

Magazines are a great source of information and entertainment. People who are regular magazine readers tend to be the most informed about the world. The subject matter of magazines varies as much as the world around us. The choice is completely up to you: It could be health, education, fashion, movies, technology, science, business and the economy, sports, lifestyle, travel and tourism, or anything in between. Besides reading magazines at home, you'll also find them in hotels, airplanes, offices, salons and just about any place with a waiting room.

Women tend to read magazines more frequently than men. They usually enjoy fashion, beauty, health, celebrity gossip and home-care magazines. Men, however, have their own favorite topics, including sports, technology and business. There are plenty of magazines to meet their interests, too. Regardless of your gender or your interests, there's a magazine to fill your informational needs and appetite. Frequency of publication is usually weekly or monthly, although there are some bi-monthlies, quarterly and annual magazines.

? Who is likely to subscribe to magazines?

Many households count magazine subscriptions as a regular expense just like groceries and electricity. These families are able to stay well informed about the world and up to date on their favorite subjects. And all this information is delivered straight to their mailbox every week or every month.

Many offices also regularly subscribe to magazines, primarily for two reasons:

1. To keep employees aware of the latest development in the company's industry.
2. To entertain guests while they wait for appointments.

Outside of homes and offices, you'll find other organizations taking advantage of cheap magazine subscriptions. These include salons and doctor's offices, where people have to wait for appointments. Magazines are perfect for this situation, as they give customers a chance to catch up with world events and other interests while they wait. A wide selection of magazines in a waiting room is considered to be very professional and courteous. all this information is delivered straight to their mailbox every week or every month.

Online subscription:

These days, you buy everything online. Cheap magazine subscriptions are no exception. By subscribing to a magazine online, you have instant access to great articles in the print edition as well as content published outside the regular publication cycle. Publishers are offering almost all their magazines online, and you'll often find them for less cost than a regular print subscription. Give it a try: Just type your favorite magazine's name into your favorite search engine and pick the deal that works for you.

Why should I go for monthly subscription?

If you are fond of a particular magazine, you should buy a monthly subscription rather than purchasing each issue separately at a store. There are several reasons: First, a subscription will save you money. Most publishers offer substantial discounts for magazine subscriptions. Second, many offers include free gifts, such as a tote bag or an extra publication. Third, you do not have to worry about your favorite magazine being unavailable when you drop by the newsstand. Each issue will be conveniently delivered to your mailbox every week or every month, depending on the frequency of publication.

There are also a number of magazines targeted specifically at children and their interests. By subscribing to one of these, you'll be encouraging your child to read. He'll also have something to look forward to every week or month. Your teenagers will also enjoy a subscription. There are a number of titles specifically geared to their interests, too.

Magazines provide a wealth of information, entertainment and peace of mind. A subscription is one of the least expensive ways to keep you and your family informed, entertained and happy. If you own a business, you owe it to your employees and customers to offer a range of magazines. The choice of subject is yours. Subscribe today!

Where and How to Get Cash For iPhones

With many of us upgrading or replacing our mobile technology nowdays it is a great benefit to be able to receive cash for our old, used or broken iPhones – and the services that offer cash for iPhones has become a larger field than ever before. This means that before we go rushing off to get cash for our iPhone, in any condition it is advisable to be sure that we will be receiving the best service and the best cash payment available. With this in mind the following guidelines will help you identify what websites are offering a good service and which are offering a great service when it comes to receiving cash for old iPhones.

When you are looking to get cash for an iPhone there are several factors to consider beyond the amount of cash you can get paid for your iPhone. Firstly, you want to select a site that is trustworthy and professional in the service they provide. This can be verified in several ways such as previous client testimonials or the display of associations such as VeriSign upon the site. Being offered a great cash payment for your old, used or broken iPhone only really counts if it comes from a trustworthy source, so this factor is as vital as seeking the highest payment available.

Another factor to consider is the timeframe for the transaction of cashing in your iPhone. Some companies again may offer great payments, but these are no good if they are delayed by several weeks. Opting for a site that releases your cash on the day of receiving your iPhone is always a good option, and utilizing the service of a company that offer electronic payments in the form of PayPal is a great option. Remembering these three main factors will unduly set you in good stead for a great deal when you cash in your old iPhone. Trust, Speed ​​and ultimately the final payout are the three key elements, then there are other personal preferences for you to select from also.

Taking a moment to find a site that offers the above as well as a professional, yet friendly service, an easy to navigate website and a super customer service team that will endeavor to answer any and all of your questions before and after the deal will also add to the experience of you turning an old iPhone into cash. The internet has exploded with sites offering cash for your old electronics trades, but hunting through these to find the market leaders can provide you with a host of additional benefits.

How to Fool a Breathalyzer

Want to trick a breath machine into a low test result? Or make sure that you're not causing a false high reading? Not that difficult, says a law firm of San Diego DUI attorneys and lawyers: just control your breathing.

The simple fact is that these breath machines which determine guilt or innocence in DUI cases are not exactly the reliable devices that law enforcement would have us believe. There are dozens of factors that can cause false test results. An example of that unreliability is the fact that the results will vary depending upon the breathing pattern of the person being tested. This has been confirmed in a number of scientific studies.

In one, for example, a group of men drank moderate doses of alcohol and their blood-alcohol levels were then measured by gas chromatographic analysis of their breath. The breathing techniques were then varied. The results indicated that holding your breath for 30 seconds before exhaling increased the blood-alcohol level by 15.7%. Hyperventilating for 20 seconds immediately before the analyzes of breath, on the other hand, decreased the level by 10.6%. Keeping the mouth closed for five minutes and using shallow nasal breathing resulated in increasing the blood-alcohol level by 7.3%, and testing after a slow, 20-second exhalation increased levels by 2%. ("How Breathing Techniques Can Influence the Results of Breath-Alcohol Analyzes", 22 (4) Medical Science and the Law 275.)

Dr. Michael Hlastala, Professor of Physiology, Biophysics and Medicine at the University of Washington has gone farther and concluded:

"By far, the most overlooked error in breath testing for alcohol is the pattern of breathing … The concentration of alcohol changes considering during the breath … The first part of the breath, after discarding the dead space, has an alcohol concentration Much lower than the equivalent BAC (blood-alcohol concentration). Whereas, the last part of the breath has an alcohol concentration that is much higher than the equivalent BAC.The last part of the breath can be over 50% above the alcohol level. .. Thus, a breath tester reading of 0.14% taken from the last part of the breath may indicate that the blood level is only 0.09%. " 9 6 The Champion 16 (1985).

Many police officers know this. They also know that if the machine contradicts their judgment that the person they arrested is intoxicated, they will not look good. So when they tell the arrestee to blow into the machine's mouthpiece, they're yell at him, "Keep breathing! Breathe harder! Harder!" As Professor Hlastala has found, this ensures that the breath captured by the machine will be from the bottom of the lungs, near the alveolar sacs, which will be richest in alcohol. With the higher alcohol concentration, the machine will give a higher – but inaccurate – reading.

There's No Secret to Get More Facebook Fans or Twitter Followers!

Today I want to talk more about getting Facebook fans, and really any type of social media followers. After I help a company get started on social media marketing, I usually get an email three or four weeks later that reads something like this:

"I want to get more Facebook fans! What's the secret?"

I have bad news for you. There is no super secret way to getting followers on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking website. "If you build it, they will come" does not apply to social networking websites.

I think when people are asking this question, they're really asking, "how do I get a million customers overnight." Sorry Charlie, unless you already run a multi-million dollar company, this probably is not going to happen. In fact, most of the billion dollar companies that are just getting started with social media marketing do not even have millions of followers yet!

So how do you get more Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and other social connections? The most important step is to hustle. If you do not put any time into it, you will not get any results. It's that simple.

Let me provide you with some easy steps that will help you get more Facebook fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, blog readers, and any other social media friends. You may have already heard these before, but these are my favorite time tested ways to promoting yourself on social media platforms.

Put Your Link Everywhere: The biggest mistake a lot of companies make is the failure to advertise their social networking pages! Most of the major websites offer you widgets you can put on your website to direct people to your social networking pages. Since it still is relatively new, people will probably not be actively searching Facebook and Twitter for your company. If you put it right in front of them they're more likely to follow.

This also goes for anything you do online. If you're leaving a blog comment, sending an email, participating in a forum, or anything else that you leave a personal mark on, include a link back to your website. If appropriate, put a link to your social media websites as well.

Use Your Email: If you've been in business for a while, you probably have a good list of contacts built up. Send out an email to these contacts inviting them to connect with you on these social networking platforms. Let them know you've established yourself online, and are trying to build up a following. People will support you.

No email list yet? Do not worry. As you grow your business, you can use email to personally invite people that you come in contact with. If you connect with 5 people a month that add you on Facebook, in a year you'll have 60 fans just from this method.

Follow Them: On websites that allow YOU to connect with people, seek out and follow people that fit your target market. There is a whole method of doing this correctly, but it's a lot to go into for this article. The largest piece of advice I can give you is to follow them and connect with them by being interested in what THEY are doing with their lives. This will go a long way.

Offer Gifts: Offer your current / potential customers a gift for joining you on social networking websites. A coupon can go a long way, and will also prompt them to purchase from your company right away. They also will now be connected to your company online, and can potentially become returning customers.

Get an Evangelist: This is my favorite method, which is why I saved it for last. Get five to ten people who absolutely love your company, and ask them to promote your company for you. Send an email, call them, or whatever you need to do and ASK them to do a recommendation for your company, and share it with their friends. Think about it this way. The average Facebook use has 130 friends. If you get ten people to write a recommendation about you and share it with their friends, you've just advertised to 1300+ people!

There are a lot more awesome methods that help you get more Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections, but these are just a few to get you started.

– Jerry Nihen

The Facts – Problems and Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars

Pros and Cons of Hybrid Cars

Get ready for some sticker shock .

One common complaint about hybrid cars is their initial price. According to, the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for new model year hybrids ranges from $ 21,100 (Toyota Prius) to $ 104,000 (Lexus LS 600h). Adding all the hybrid technology to a vehicle is expensive, and some of that extra cost is passed on to consumers. As an example, the new Toyota Camry is available in several trim levels ranging from about $ 20,000 for the LE version to more than $ 25,000 for the hybrid Camry. The Honda Civic starts at $ 15,000 (DX) while the hybrid version will set you back at least $ 22,600.

So, yes, if you are low on cash right now, the extra cost of going green could be the deal breaker. At the same time, it is important to consider the long-term savings associated with a hybrid when making a buying decision. While the gas-only Camry is getting around 21 miles per gallon in the city, the hybrid version gets about 33 MPG. That could mean that shelling out the extra $ 5,000 now could save you a bundle in fuel costs over the long-run. Resale value is also better for the hybrid model.

Burning through batteries

Another disadvantage of buying a hybrid is potential problems that could occur with their expensive batteries. Because hybrid technology relies heavily on the electric battery inside the car, buyers are often concerned that these types of batteries will need to be replaced more often than would a standard, 12 volt battery.

Fortunately, the nickel metal hydride batteries in hybrid cars charge themselves when the car is not using the electric power supplied by them. By avoiding draining the batteries, studies have shown that these batteries typically last just as long as those of a standard vehicle. Hybrid vehicle manufacturers also include warranties to cover these batteries for 80,000-100,000 miles. You can learn more about the warranties on different hybrid models here.

Is my footprint truly green?

Hybrid vehicle technology is complex and therefore it requires many resources devoted to its production. This means that the factories producing hybrid cars are potentially creating just as much, if not more pollution than factories that build non-hybrid vehicles.

On the other hand, the impact of those hybrids once they are on the road is much less than that of standard vehicles, thereby decreasing their overall negative environmental impact. So, while buying and driving a hybrid does not free you from pollution and CO2 emissions, it does less the negative effects.

Am I safe in a hybrid car?

Two features that allow a hybrid to be so fuel-efficient, the electric technology and lighter weight of the vehicle, are cause for concern for some potential buyers. For example, the high voltage required by a hybrid car's battery could prove dangerous in a collision if wires are exposed. Also, the light weight of some hybrids may concern potential buyers who fear these types of cars would not fare well in a collision. Check out the safety rating of most hybrid cars here or review hybrid SUV safety here.

Other disadvantages, issues, potential problems, and drawbacks to hybrid vehicles include their lack of availability, slower acceleration, brake noise & feel, the fact that some may be "too quiet", and lack of choice – as most car models are not yet being built as hybrids.

Lil Wayne Biography

A Lil Wayne biography reads like a bestselling novel. There's violence, superstardom, drug abuse, multiple children from multiple women … and so on. Despite his pressing problems concerning a weapons charge, Lil Wayne is still one of the most respected rappers in the game today. Here is a brief Lil Wayne biography that covers his major record releases, early beginnings and the major successes he has enjoyed over the past 15 years …

Lil Wayne was born in New Orleans, Louisianna on September 27, 1982. He was placed in a school for the gifted and earned straight A's through his early years. School did not provide the creative release that Lil Wayne needed, so at age 8 he started freestyling and writing raps. By the age of 11, he began to leave freestyles on the answering machine of Mannie Fresh, the producer for Cash Money records. The gimmick obviously left an impression; a year later he joined the label and began touring with the group known as the Hot Boyz. Soon enough, he launched his solo debut album "Tha Block Is Hot" to both commercial and critical acclaim. He also earned a nomination from The Source for Best New Artist. The album went on to go double platinum.

After the immense success of Tha Block Is Hot, he released two lackluster albums – Lights Out and 500 Degreez- neither of which reached the level of success that his debt album had. Critics began to write him off as a one trick pony who was unable to oercome his freshman release. If that were true, this Lil Wayne biography would not have been written. He released the album "Tha Carter" and received huge critical acclaim for his improved concepts, lyrics and flow. Lil Weezy was beginning to grow up.

The follow up album did even better commercially. It debuted at # 2 on the Billboard charts and went double platinum. This album also noted the split up of Wayne and his mentor and producer from Cash Money. The response for his third installment was even larger, hitting platinum in its first week. Lil Wayne also topped the Billboard charts for the first time with "Lollipop." Many of these songs were leaked prior to the album's release, although it obviously did not hurt record sales.

During the success of these albums, Wayne began to hit hard times. He repeatedly appeared in court for possession of marijuana and firearms, and openly admitted to a codeine addiction. In 2009 he was arrested and plead guilty to a weapons charge, and faced eight months in jail.

As stated earlier, a Lil Wayne biography reads like a bestselling novel, though many fans fear it may end up a tragedy.

Ten Reasons Why Cocker Spaniels Lick

Why Cocker Spaniels Lick and Is It Harmful?

Licking is natural behavior going all the way back to the wolf. When the mother wolf would return from hunting its food the pups in her pack would lick her mouth and face to stimulate regurgitation. This is a normal behavior during the weaning stages. Soon after the pups join in and learn to hunt for their own food. Interesting enough the mother wolf would also lick her pups in return to stimulate the pups to tie themselves. It is not surprising to learn that licking is a natural instinct that all dogs inherit. There are different types of licking behaviors and as many reasons why dogs lick for daily routines and well as survival.

Cocker Spaniel licking can stem from a variety of reasons. Some can be complex but most are simple to figure out and easy to fix. Let's take a look at the possible reasons first.

Reasons Why Dogs Lick

1) A submissive social behavior – paying respect to a dominant dog
2) Puppies lick their mothers face to solicit food when weaning
3) A sign of affection – dog kisses
4) Dog self cleanliness – a natural instinct learned when being a puppy
5) Dog manipulation tactic – licking for attention
6) Self and litter grooming
7) Stress
8) Dog health problems
9) Wound cleaning
10) Injury – pain

When To Be Concerned

If your Cocker Spaniel is a compulsive licker it may be time to look into the reasons why. For example: is your dog left alone for long periods of time? Stressed out due to separation anxiety? Is your dog injured? Are there any lesions of the skin? Is your dog sick? Obsessive licking and can lead to scratching and or biting the area which could present other problems. Compulsive – Obsessive licking behaviors can often be linked to a dog feeling anxious.

The first place to start is by inspecting the source. Maybe something is stuck on their skin or coats, look between the paws for cuts. Look for rashes under the coat. Look for possible parasites. Look for anything unusual that may be causing the dog to lick itself. If it's a skin condition it will most likely be an easy fix.

On the other hand, if your dog is compulsively licking everything is sight than there might be a greater concern. Licking you into submission may be cute at first. But it will tire soon. It may be a learned behavior to manipulate you to get your attention and to get what it wants. The behavior needs to be broken.

Do not reward the dog for the behavior. By this I mean never give your dog a treat to stop licking. If you give in, the dog will have simply learned a new trick. When the dog starts licking simply divert its attention to a different activity. But first you need to break the licking with a strong verbal NO command. Never hit or yell at your Cocker Spaniel, be firm and gentle.

Is Licking Harmful?

Dogs have been licking humans for centuries of years and I have never heard of anyone dying from an innocent dog kiss. All dogs love the taste of salt, this is one of the main reasons they lick humans. With that said it's important to point out that you should never let a dog lick your open wounds.This could increase the risk for infection by introducing pathogenic bacteria to the wound. Despite what you may have heard, the possible transmittal of a disease or infection by a dog licking an open wound should be avoided.

As long as your Cocker Spaniel is healthy and shows no signs of illness it is safe to bet that playful licking is not harmful unless you are ticklish. At worst it can be very annoying; at best it can be a show of affection.

Always confer with your local Vet or a professional trainer if you feel your pup has a licking issue beyond your control. Compulsive – Obsessive licking behaviors are often linked to a dog feeling anxious for some reason. Your Vet or a professional dog trainer can help you figure out the source and offer remedies. No need to have your pup suffer needlessly and stress yourself out at the same time.

Get Free iPad – Why Everyone Should Get an iPad and How You Can For Free

Why You Should Get an iPad

The time has come: with the use of the new Apple iPad Tablet, anyone can use the internet. And lucky for us, there are sponsoring companies Get Free iPad Offers for the many people out there who are afraid to get online.

The older generation does not understand why most of us can not live without our computers. Mom, dad and even our grandparents shy away from the internet because no one ever showed them how to connect to our incredible online world. But now the revolutionary iPad will change all our lives forever. Apple has finally released a tablet-style computer that anyone can use. The new iPad has an advanced touch screen so your mom and grandmother will no longer be afraid to go near the computer. Even if you're young and inexperienced; dealing with the internet and the many programs on a computer is easier now thanks to Apple's new iPad. The iPad with its user friendly programs will bring you the confidence and experience you'll need to surf the web.

The great thing about the tablet-style iPad is it has audio playback features, TV, video and mail attachment support as well as a dictionary / language support for more than nine different languages. For those of you who are into "Going Green", the iPad has a number of green features as well: the recyclable aluminum and glass enclosure, Mercury-free LCD display; the iPad is PVC and BFR-free and comes with arsenic free display glass.

Get Free iPad Offers

In the old days we would expect to spend over $ 2000 for a new laptop or desktop computer and most of the young and older computer geeks are not ready to spend thousands on the latest computer trend but amazingly enough the new iPad will only run in the range of $ 500- $ 800. However, there are currently "Get Free iPad" offers out there, as long as you know which are legit. The costs of the iPads are covered by third party sponsors, as long as you complete the offers given. They give away these iPads as a marketing tool. By giving out free samples of the new iPad, Apple can get some well needed feedback on their product. The opinions offered by people who participate in this free trial offer will help the producers of the iPad to improve their computers and find out the demand that will develop by those who will spread the news of this new revolutionary computer.

Do not wait too long though, as this offer will not be around forever. As soon as the iPad becomes popular enough, the companies will no longer need to offer their product to the public for free.