The How-To Guide on Using a Washing Machine

Believe it or not, there are many people that are not sure how to use a washing machine. This includes the types of washing powder and fabric softener to use and how much of it to put into the washing machine. The best part about living in the modern era is that most washing machines include the instructions to make your life easier.

In this instance, we are going to use a front loader as an example.

  1. First thing’s first – the sorting of your laundry. White or very light clothes need to be washed separately from clothing such as jeans, scarves and velvet. The reason why this is done is because certain fabrics lose colour after washing it multiple times.
  2. Next, you need to add the washing powder into the correct compartment. The washing machine will usually indicate which compartment it is using a small image. No more than a scoop or a small cup would be needed depending on the capacity and model.
  3. Fabric softener is a definite must if you prefer your clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft. Some clothes also look better when the fabric softener has been added.
  4. Now we need to turn the washing machine on so that we can pick the correct option for the type of clothing that has been loaded into the washing machine.
  5. The option you choose prior to starting the cycle would depend on the clothing that is inside the machine. The “Delicates” option should be chosen for small and fragile items such as underwear, thin t-shirts, and lacy jerseys that could be worn over evening gowns. “Duvets” could be bedding such as duvets, comforters and quilted blankets. Items such as jeans may also have an option that you can select that won’t damage the fibre.
  6. Some washing machines have the intelligence to determine the amount of time it will take to run the chosen wash so that you can plan your daily chores around that. This allows you to manage your time better at home especially if you are a parent or working professional.

If you are a working parent or busy professional, then you don’t have the time to run around for washing powder and fabric softener every month. So save time, buy wholesale and get the washing powder and fabric softener in bulk. This could also end up being a cost saving and time saving exercise for your household.

The Vegas Guide for Girls' Night Out

So my wife's girlfriend is getting married, and was asking around about cool bachelorette party ideas in Vegas, so that her troupe of "girls only, boys out" can go for the weekend. In this situation, well, of course I have to think carefully before I answer, because whatever my suggestions are, my wife will be going too, as part of the girl troupe. So I sat down and ran a list of places that offer clean and good fun (keeping in mind to cancel the spots where I could imagine hairy chest men with heavy cologne trying to hit on my wife). Here are my top suggestions for a weekend to remember for the soon-to-be bride before her wedding day:

For an action packed weekend: When you think of surrendering your single status for the rest of your life, it's natural that you have some fears or doubts about whether you're doing the right thing, however the person you choose is the right one . The fears and doubts cause you to be cautious, uptight even. Do not be afraid, for it's perfectly natural to have these feelings. It's how you manage the feelings that will affect you wedding planning. So why not let it all out? The Stratosphere Hotel offers you a chance to scream and let loose your inhibitions when you try their thrilling rides. A note of warning – this party is definitely not for the weak-hearted.

For a sizzling hot weekend: Watch six-pack abs men strut their stuff in different types of costumes that will sure fulfill every woman's fantasies, from dashing doctors and heroic firemen, to muscular captains and sexy soldiers. From the producers of Flamingo's "X" Burlesque, these Men of "X" will perform sensual choreography with their bodies that will certainly leave the ladies hot and wanting for more. Expect to dance along to the music, as the Men of "X" move around the showroom to interact intimately with the ladies. Catch this show from Wednesdays through Sundays at Hooters Casino Hotel from 8pm onwards. For General Admission, the tickets are priced at $ 34.99, but I'd suggest you go for the VIP seating. It costs only $ 10 more, and you get special attention from the guys.

For a party-till-you-drop weekend: Nobody does it like the Hard Rock Hotel. World-renovated Deejays and celebrity guests will guarantee that you will party from sunrise till sundown, and beyond. Join thousands of rich and beautiful revelers in one of the best poolside parties you will ever find. Go ahead and book that private cabana just for your group and party away like Katy Perry did at her bachelorette party, right there at Rehab.

There you go ladies – my personal suggestions on cool ideas for a weekend bachelorette party. I've personally attended quite a few bachelors' parties in Vegas myself, and I can safely say that if you do it the proper way, you will not have any regrets later in life. I wish all the ladies out there who are having your own bachelorette parties a fun time away from your partners!

Your How-To Guide On Protecting Your Wooden Garage From Pests

A wooden garage is an awesome addition to your property. It adds value and marketability to your home, looks great and has additional benefits like sturdy construction, better design and good insulation compared to metal counterparts. But they come with one drawback: they are a beacon for pests.

Because a wood garage tends to be warmer, made of a consumable material (thanks to termites) and more natural looking, it is an inviting environment for spiders, insects, small mammals and other creepy crawlies that will take refuge there if allowed.

Here is your how to guide on protecting your wooden garage from all the little critters that might find their way in.

Restain The Wood Regularly

The first step to avoiding pests is to make sure they have to way to get in. The most common gateway it through damage to the external of your garage, mainly in the wood itself. Over time your lumber can crap, form gaps between plants, warm or rot. This allows pests to get in. Restaining the wood every three to five years will keep it healthy and free of openings.

If you find some damage has already occurred, fix it as soon as possible to avoid an infestation taking hold.

Keep Gutters Clean

Gutters on your garage can be a refuge for insects and spiders during the drier months. Keeping them clear is a good idea as it gives them less places to hide out before making their way into your garage.

Every season to a cleaning to make sure there are no nests, hives or webs. Get rid of debris where they could hide. You may also want to put on gutter covers to keep them from getting in in the first place.

Clear Outside Bramble

Bramble and debris around your garage is another place where pests might make their home. This includes old, dead plants and bushhes, old trees, overgrown patches of flora, etc. Clearing these out periodically will not just keep pests away, but it could make your house look a lot better in the process.

Make sure before winter to do any clearing of old, dead gardens and other areas around your garage, so it is ready for the coming winter months.

Fix Damage Promptly

As mentioned above, any damage to your wood can let in pests. It may have even been caused by them. Often when there are holes in lumber it was ate away by termites. Other critters can get in through these holes or hide in the walls. The last thing you want is to go about your business in your wooden garage and not realize that there is an infestation all around you, just waiting to pour out.

Check for any external damage regularly. The moment you see it, even if it is a tiny crack or fraction in the wood, take care of it immediately. That will give pests less time to find it and move on.

Do Seasonal Checkups

A seasonal checkup is always a good idea. This is when you go through the outside and inside looking for signs of problems. The most common issue you will run across is areas in the wood being worn down, often discolored. That is a sign that the stain on the wood has become too thin and you need a new coat. You can just slap some on that area until you are ready to do a full restaining, if you do not find other signs of wear.

Know The Times of Year For Risks

Different times of year come with different risks. Your wooden garage is going to be most appealing in the winter, when different creatures are trying to get out of the cold. But at the same time, the chill will kill many of them before they can get in. So your risk there is that some pests will come into your garage and breed as the months become warmer. All it takes is two to wreak havoc.

Most of your infestation risks are going to be during the summer. There are a larger number of pests out there, so more to defend against.

Weather strip Your Wooden Garage

Another way you can keep pests out is by closing up any cracks that they might slide through. Your windows and doors are the big culprits and you can seal them up using a bit of weather stripping. You can find kits to do it yourself at any hardware store. There are also companies that will do it for you.

Remember that wooden garages also have beams and places in the roof that could let pests in. You may want to consider redoing the roof every once in awhile.

Declutter and Maintain Organization

If your wooden garage is cluttered it is more likely to hide pests and keep you from seeing the signs. How will you know there are mouse droppings if your floor is covered in junk? How will you see webs if they are behind a bunch of packaged shelves?

Keep your garage maintained and organized and you will be able to keep it clear of critters.

Increase The Lighting

Pests, especially insects and spiders, like to congregate where there is less light. The shadows are their friends and if you can not see in corners, how do you know if anything is there, making its home? Installing better lighting is a great defense against this.

Consider putting in large, fluorescent strip lights. These can light up an entire garage regardless of its size.

Deal With Problems Fast

Remember, the faster you deal with problems the less time they will have to grow. The second you see the signs of a pest issue you need to take care of it. That means seeing a single mouse, black widow spider, or any other problematic creepy creature that might be living in your wooden garage.

Some of these can be taken care of yourself using traps, fumigating bombs and other methods that can be purchased from your local hardware store. But if you worry it might be a larger issue you should call a professional.

Outercourse – A Guide to Non Penetrative Sex (NPS)

The first thing that has to be established when talking about outercourse is what it actually is. When I deal with outercourse, I refer to it as an alternative to intercourse that does not involve vaginal penetration. It is also known as Non-Penetrative Sex (NPS). This definition is not perfect as some people consider oral sex to not be outercourse, however it is the definition of outercourse I will use here.

Recently there has been a move towards outercourse being used as an alternative to intercourse for young people. While it is better that young people practice NPS than risk pregnancy by having sex unprepared, the practice usually leads to intercourse so it does not act as anything more than a temporary solution.

While many people consider outercourse to be a kind of foreplay, this is a limiting definition. In fact outcourse can be as satisfying as intercourse. Some people even view it as the highlight of the sex act. Therefore do not limit yourself by just thinking of it as foreplay, consider it as another tool for both of your sexual satisfaction!

Performing Outercourse: Guide to the Outercourse Orgasm

Otercourse comes in many different kinds, however there are a few major types:

* Dry hump grind: This is simulated sex using a layer of clothing to prevent penetration. Usually it is done in the underwear as it is easy to damage yourself on zippers (Believe me!) If done incorrectly. Mixing grinding and thrusting is the easiest way to make this great for your woman.

* The hand: There are countless ways to use your hand to stimulate your partner. In fact some techniques such as female squirting orgasm, as easier to do using your hands. The clitoris and G-spot are usually the easiest places to aim for, but the AFE and Deep Spot are also areas you should consider targeting.

* Breast play: There are a number of ways that a man can have an outercourse orgasm (Or give one) using a woman's breasts. Usually the nipples are the most sensitive part of the breast, so by focusing on them with teases, licking, squeezing and light twisting it is possible for her to have an outercourse orgasm from this. Many guys also push the breasts together, using lotion to use them as a 'vagina.'

* The legs: There are almost intimate erotic potential in the legs. For the woman, you can rub her clitoris with your thigh to give her a different kind of thrill. She can also stimulate you by clamping your penis between her thighs (Interfemoral intercourse). The guy wants to be careful to use lots of lotion and not to ejaculate onto the vagina as this is easy to do from this position. Other parts that can be used for an outercourse orgasm include her feet by putting them together. This leaves a gap that can be used and the Japanese traditional authors have written odes to the pleasures of this kind of sex. Her calves can also be used despite this is tricky.

* The buttocks: Sex using the buttocks has the title of intergluteal sex. This is not anal sex as no penetration of the anus occurs. Instead the man clenches his penis between her buttocks for a different kind of thrill.

* The labia: This can be a great foreplay or a way to give genital-to-genital contact without penetration. Here the man angles his penis so that it runs the length of the labia. The woman can then rub up and down for a different kind of thrill.

* Oral sex. Some people consider this to be outercourse. This involves using your tongue or lips on the clitoris and labia.

Otercourse Tips

Otercourse like many kinds of sex needs variety to be a big part of your sex life. Therefore you will want to make sure that you keep varying it to keep things exciting. Consider it an extra technique and even if you enjoy intercourse, mixing it with outercourse offers infinite possibilities for great sex where every part of your bodies becomes filled with erotic potential.

Step by Step Guide to an SMS Campaign

SMS is good for:

o Short lead times and immediacy

o Cost effective personalised communication

o Ongoing 1 to 1 relationships

o Automated data capture and compliance

o Direct revenue and uplift opportunities

Basic Rules for SMS

In addition to permission, there are five key elements that differentiate SMS marketing from traditional marketing. These are also the key success factors for its use. A minimum of 2 factors is necessary for a successful campaign.

You need Permission plus:

1: Relevance

2: Location

3: Time

4: Adding Value

5: Interactive

Step 1: Planning the campaign


o Why are you communicating via mobile?

o What do you want to achieve?

Offer plan:

o What’s the definition of your offer?

o How are you going to say it?

o When should it be sent?

o Who are you targeting?

o Is viral marketing a possibility?


o Do you need to cap the responses?

o Message receipt -have you systems in place to handle the volume?

Step 2: Creating the campaign

Some SMS Service Providers enable you to create, test and track your basic campaign yourself via your web browser. This can be very useful for simple push campaigns such as; event notifications, requested information (i.e results, account info), “show this message for a free..” style campaigns, staff memos etc. However, the more complex the campaign, the more likely you will require professional help in both the planning and fulfilment of the campaign.

Step 3: Copywriting

o You only have 160 characters-use them wisely

o Be aware of limitations of different screens

o Be personal (it can be an intrusive medium)

o Be targeted

o Talk in the same language as your customers

o Lrn txt spk-especially for youth markets

o Use an SMS copywriter

Step 4: Test , test and test again..

o Test the campaign on different screens

o Test different networks (i.e. Vodaphone, Orange)

o Check to see if the appropriate replies are sent etc

o If it is a competition, plan for unusual/wrong answers and have suitable replies in place.

o Test language, typos and technical (not all symbols will come out as you expect).

Step 5: Measurement and tracking

Some indicators that you may use to measure success of the campaign are:

o Open rates

o Foot traffic (to website etc)

o Offer acceptance

o Replies

o Redemption rate

o Brand awareness…


o Use it as an automated data capture

o Consider timing

o Trial different approaches

o Exploit “landgrab” opportunities by using SMS before your competitors do.

o Use only opt in and give opt out route (the more automated the better)

o Identify yourself

Common Mistakes:

o Poor targeting and relevance

o Not identifying the sender

o Poor copywriting

o Targeting wrong audience with wrong offer/message

o Messages sent out at wrong time

o Not allowing recipient to unsubscribe

o Typos

o No personalisation

o Inability for systems/customer service, to handle responses


o It’s an important marketing medium and it’s here to stay

o It’s about the experience not the technology

o Plan ahead so you get it right

o Be creative with your campaign

o Keep IT Simple Stupid (KISS) applies