3 Easy Ways You Can Lower Your Facebook Ads Budget

There are plenty of Facebook Ads marketers who are reporting conversion costs of anywhere from a few cents to a fraction of a penny. Others aren’t so lucky. In fact, most inexperienced marketers are reporting quite the opposite and are getting burned due to astronomical ad costs.

Now there are plenty of factors that come into play when talking about Facebook ad costs. But obviously, before you even get started you should have some sort of budget in mind (unless you have an unlimited supply of money). Here are three ways you can lower your Facebook ads budget:

1. Know your target audience

Ideally, you should already have an idea of who’s going to be interested in your product or service. Whether you are a first-time entrepreneur or a battle-hardened businessman, you must know who your target audience is. Is your product geared towards women or men? Are you targeting young professionals or travelers?

Knowing your target audience will help lower your ad budget because there’s a higher probability these people are going to be interested in what you have to offer.

Targeting an audience who doesn’t fit your ideal user will lead to higher ad costs because they won’t be paying your ad any attention.

2. Set a bid cap

You can set a daily or lifetime budget for your Facebook ads. But did you know you can also set a bid cap? If you didn’t know before, well now you do. A bid cap is like what the name suggests,

Facebook will put a cap on your bid. So, for example, if you can only afford to pay $0.5 per click, then you can put that amount as your bid cap. Otherwise, Facebook may charge you $1 per click, or more, depending on the competition. A bid cap helps ensure you don’t go beyond your budget.

3. Don’t advertise around the holidays

During holidays, people tend to buy a lot of things online. This buying frenzy drives marketers and businesses to create Facebook ads to get buyer’s attention which in turn drives up the advertising costs for everyone.

So if you don’t want to compete with many other businesses, it’s best to not advertise during peak seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other important holidays.

There are 365 days in a year and you can always advertise before or after the buying season to help lower your ad spend.

There's No Secret to Get More Facebook Fans or Twitter Followers!

Today I want to talk more about getting Facebook fans, and really any type of social media followers. After I help a company get started on social media marketing, I usually get an email three or four weeks later that reads something like this:

"I want to get more Facebook fans! What's the secret?"

I have bad news for you. There is no super secret way to getting followers on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networking website. "If you build it, they will come" does not apply to social networking websites.

I think when people are asking this question, they're really asking, "how do I get a million customers overnight." Sorry Charlie, unless you already run a multi-million dollar company, this probably is not going to happen. In fact, most of the billion dollar companies that are just getting started with social media marketing do not even have millions of followers yet!

So how do you get more Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and other social connections? The most important step is to hustle. If you do not put any time into it, you will not get any results. It's that simple.

Let me provide you with some easy steps that will help you get more Facebook fans, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, blog readers, and any other social media friends. You may have already heard these before, but these are my favorite time tested ways to promoting yourself on social media platforms.

Put Your Link Everywhere: The biggest mistake a lot of companies make is the failure to advertise their social networking pages! Most of the major websites offer you widgets you can put on your website to direct people to your social networking pages. Since it still is relatively new, people will probably not be actively searching Facebook and Twitter for your company. If you put it right in front of them they're more likely to follow.

This also goes for anything you do online. If you're leaving a blog comment, sending an email, participating in a forum, or anything else that you leave a personal mark on, include a link back to your website. If appropriate, put a link to your social media websites as well.

Use Your Email: If you've been in business for a while, you probably have a good list of contacts built up. Send out an email to these contacts inviting them to connect with you on these social networking platforms. Let them know you've established yourself online, and are trying to build up a following. People will support you.

No email list yet? Do not worry. As you grow your business, you can use email to personally invite people that you come in contact with. If you connect with 5 people a month that add you on Facebook, in a year you'll have 60 fans just from this method.

Follow Them: On websites that allow YOU to connect with people, seek out and follow people that fit your target market. There is a whole method of doing this correctly, but it's a lot to go into for this article. The largest piece of advice I can give you is to follow them and connect with them by being interested in what THEY are doing with their lives. This will go a long way.

Offer Gifts: Offer your current / potential customers a gift for joining you on social networking websites. A coupon can go a long way, and will also prompt them to purchase from your company right away. They also will now be connected to your company online, and can potentially become returning customers.

Get an Evangelist: This is my favorite method, which is why I saved it for last. Get five to ten people who absolutely love your company, and ask them to promote your company for you. Send an email, call them, or whatever you need to do and ASK them to do a recommendation for your company, and share it with their friends. Think about it this way. The average Facebook use has 130 friends. If you get ten people to write a recommendation about you and share it with their friends, you've just advertised to 1300+ people!

There are a lot more awesome methods that help you get more Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and LinkedIn connections, but these are just a few to get you started.

– Jerry Nihen

How to Use Facebook Promotions

Facebook promotions are everywhere and often everyone is utilizing them as a marketing tool. Facebook is a social utility wheree more than one billion Facebook users connect with others; family and friends correspond, and more. This has made Facebook evolve into an incredibly effective marketing tool. It has produced a strong marketing platform where marketers can use it to promote or develop awareness of products available, etc. With the correct technical know-how, this is just the right tool to use to reach the right audience and turn them into consumers.

Facebook offers the option of creating a fan page for an item, business or occasion– at no cost. The nature of Facebook promotions is that everyone who reads your posts has the ability to spread the information further within their own network. This allows advertisers to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time. There is so much one can market utilizing Facebook; examples of this consist of live events, shows and businesses, among others.

Importance of Live Events

Holding a live event and getting the targeted audience turnout has never been this easy. Facebook promotions offer the very best tools to do this since with the existing development in modern technology, information is now available at people's fingertips. The young people, who are usually the key target of these live events, are all over Facebook making it easier for hosts to create awareness of the events. All that is needed is a little imagination. If you pursue this effectively, then you are certain to connect with the targeted number of users that you want to present at your live event.

Running Contests

When Facebook introduced timeline earlier this year, Facebook contests got a new look and got to enjoy even more space and distinction on Facebook pages. Facebook released tools that are totally complimentary which, when used correctly, allow one to get increased Facebook contest visibility. A few of these tools include highlighted posts – which help accentuate prominent posts relating your contests – and featured "pinned" posts – which enable marketers to pin a post to the top of your timeline to boost visibility, that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Custom-made contest tabs allow users to house all their contests under the renovated custom tabs at the top of the new timeline. Furthermore, they can host mobile-friendly URLs, which enable users to effortlessly view your page on their mobile devices.

Facebook promotions are a perfect fit for marketing or promoting both small and large businesses. Obviously, small businesses may have a limited advertising budget. Neverheless, this is not to say that marketers should kill their dream of marketing. Facebook promotions are really cost-effective, helping draw in consumers from a broad market niche as compared to various other advertising tools, which demand a much greater marketing budget.

Source by Adrian Callabrero