Time Finding Essentials – Compassion's Power to Recharge Decisiveness and Productivity

Time finding essentials can compassionately recharge decisiveness and productivity. Compassion makes all the difference.

Following outmoded scripts about time management can feel like a daylong trudge in shoes that do not fit. That's because time paradigms that lack compassion lack insight!

If any of these 3 myths dominate your thinking about finding time, adopt a more realistic and compassionate perspective to get the results you want:

  1. Myth # 1: "If I keep running faster, I'll always catch up!" Compassionate Reality # 1: "If you can not keep pace with your expectations, develop new, attainable standards." This helps return your focus to working well, rather than obsessing on what may pass you by. If you make time choices that are true to who you are, you will never be left behind. Slow and steady wins the race.
  2. Myth # 2: "I should just do what (X) does – which means I should be like (X)." Compassionate Reality # 2: "Success begins with actively appreciating who you are." Start by confirming your personal progress. Then focus on your capability to create a time schedule that meets your unique needs. Consider others as gifts in your life, not standards to live up to. The more you affirm your actual strengths, the more effectively you will relate to your time challenges. Your decisions will more consistently address your actual needs. As you directly benefit from these choices, you generate a positive cycle of realistic assessment and decent self-confidence.
  3. Myth # 3: "Only cutting out time for personal fulfillment will give me time to get everything taken care of." Compassionate Reality # 3: Meeting your own needs is the cornerstone of good decision-making. Successful time management requires clarifying priorities. Only then can you act decisively. You make your best decisions when you are rested, reasonably relaxed, and feeling secure within yourself. So treat yourself as a finely calibrated instrument. The more attuned you remain to the ever-changing world around you and to your own changing needs, the better use you'll make of your time. Furthermore, the more you enjoy life's small pleasures, the more easily you can simplify your schedule without feeling stripped.

How will you continue to develop your compassionate competency and find new, high-quality time?

How to Get Investment Banking Offers

As we move further into summer internship season, many have asked me why they can get interviews but can never seem to get actual offers.

Usually, they lack a hook. To get an investment banking job, it's not enough to show you can do the job well and have a serious interest in it.

You have to show them that they need you more than you need them.

Of course, this is never really true. You're just a resource. They're a $ 100 billion firm. But a hook makes them think differently, at least temporarily.

What's A Hook?

A hook makes you stand out from everyone else. It can be your extreme enthusiasm over the job that caused you to email them 59 days in a row. It can be the experience you had working at a Chinese Private Equity firm last summer. It might even be how you were a Varsity Athlete in that sport they've never heard of.

But it can not be, "I really want to do banking so I can learn!" Egypt, "I like the fast-paced environment!"

Those are just standard reasons to say you want to do the job.

When bankers interview you, they try to check off 3 boxes – 1) smart 2) can do the job 3) like him. A hook makes sure # 3 is a "check."

But I'm Just A Normal Person, How Can I Get A Hook?

One good tactic is to make a connection with your interviewer by having similar interests, asking questions about some topic he or she likes, or having friends / alumni in common.

This requires upfront research and is not always possible. But when you can do it, it works well.

Was your interviewer in the Marines? Maybe your brother / cousin / uncle was too. Was he in the industry where your dad / cousin / uncle works? Same undergraduate schools?

No One Wants You Until Someone Wants You (Then Everyone Wants You)

Everything is just high school all over again.

Another "hook": Convince the firm that you have offers with other investment banks. When they find out others want you, they'll be afraid they're missing something and want you more.

The correct answer to, "Are you interviewing with other firms?" is NEVER, "No." Even if you're not, never say, "no." Just be vague and say you are interviewing and considering several options.

If you are indeed interviewing successfully with other firms, mention the names – these works especially well if they are competitors. Naming any of the bulge brackets when interviewing with a bulge bracket, for example, would give you a boost.

Worst Case Scenario

Sometimes none of these tactics above actually works. This is why you spread your net wide and interview at many different banks – because in time your hook will work and you will land that investment banking job.

The "F-Word"

– = – = – = = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = = – = – = – = –
= –

Excerpt From The Relationship Handbook: How to Understand
and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life by Kevin B. Burk

– = – = – = = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = – = = – = – = – = –
= –

I'd like to invite you to consider a powerful concept. This
concept is essential – we must learn how to master it if we
want to experience the levels of joy, happiness, love and
prosperity that are our birthright. Many of us, however,
resist this concept. We use it sparingly, if at all, and
Occasionally, we will not even consider it as an option. In
fact, for many of us, this concept is so emotionally charged
that I quit to even name it, because if I call it
anything other than the "f-word" it could put our egos on
high alert.

You see, in many cases, avoiding this concept is the ego's
front line defense – an effort to protect us from experiencing
pain. The ego believes that if we embroidered the "f-word" we
would be defenseless at best, and at worst, we would be
destroyed completely. Of course, it does not help that most
of us have a certain ego- and fear-based understanding of
the "f-word" that makes it less than appealing. The truth is
that embracing the "f-word" is the secret to experiencing
genuine freedom in our lives.

So, what is the "f-word"? Forgiveness.

In order to improve our lives, our relationships, and our
reality, we must learn and practice forgiveness. We must
forgive freely, liberally, and often. We must forgive
everything and everyone – especially the people we are the
most attributable to forgive. But let's take a few moments to
consider the true nature of forgiveness.

Guy Williams, a friend of mine who also happens to be a
minister of Religious Science, suggested this take on the
nature of forgiveness. Forgiveness simply means to give as
before. When we are angry with someone, when we harbor
resentment towards someone, we have stopped giving to him or
her. We no longer give that person our love or our
compassion. They have betrayed us and caused us pain. And we
know what happens anytime we have a painful experience,
right? Our egos immediately create a new frame and a new
belief in an effort to protect us from experiencing that
pain again in the future.

Our egos are receptant to accept the truth that sometimes
unpleasant and painful experiences are unavoidable. Our egos
need to believe that they can protect us. Our egos need a
scapegoat – something (or someone) concrete that can be
identified, isolated and avoided. Holding onto our anger and
resentment keeps us separate from the person or persons who
betrayed us. This, in turn, reinforces the illusion that we
are separate from those individuals, and distances us from
the truth that there is no separation: We are all aspects of
All That Is. The less we remember the truth of who we are,
the more essential spiritual and life lessons seem to
present challenges rather than opportunities. Everyone
always does the best they can at any given time, and that's
all we can ever expect.

It's worth noting that when we choose to hold a grudge and
to remain angry, we carry the pain of the betrayal with us.
We experience a small amount of pain each time we think of
it. The ego actually wants us to experience this pain,
because the little pain will serve to remind us how
important it is to avoid the big pain. And the only way to
avoid the big pain is to protect ourselves from close,
supportive relationships with those who have hurt or
betrayed us.

Frequently, the person that we most need to forgive is our
self. We betray ourselves each time we listened to the ego and
forget the truth of who we are. And the more we betray
ourselves, the more our egos try to protect us (from
ourselves, yet!) by strengthening the illusion of separation
from the Source. And of course, the more we believe the
illusion of separation, the more we betray ourselves, and
experience pain. The way to break out of this vicious circle
is to forgive ourselves – to "give as before." We must learn
to express unconditional love and compassion for ourselves.
As we experience this love and compassion, we will reconnect
with our true selves. And the more we're capable to forgive
ourselves, the more we're able to forgive others.

Step by Step Guide to an SMS Campaign

SMS is good for:

o Short lead times and immediacy

o Cost effective personalised communication

o Ongoing 1 to 1 relationships

o Automated data capture and compliance

o Direct revenue and uplift opportunities

Basic Rules for SMS

In addition to permission, there are five key elements that differentiate SMS marketing from traditional marketing. These are also the key success factors for its use. A minimum of 2 factors is necessary for a successful campaign.

You need Permission plus:

1: Relevance

2: Location

3: Time

4: Adding Value

5: Interactive

Step 1: Planning the campaign


o Why are you communicating via mobile?

o What do you want to achieve?

Offer plan:

o What’s the definition of your offer?

o How are you going to say it?

o When should it be sent?

o Who are you targeting?

o Is viral marketing a possibility?


o Do you need to cap the responses?

o Message receipt -have you systems in place to handle the volume?

Step 2: Creating the campaign

Some SMS Service Providers enable you to create, test and track your basic campaign yourself via your web browser. This can be very useful for simple push campaigns such as; event notifications, requested information (i.e results, account info), “show this message for a free..” style campaigns, staff memos etc. However, the more complex the campaign, the more likely you will require professional help in both the planning and fulfilment of the campaign.

Step 3: Copywriting

o You only have 160 characters-use them wisely

o Be aware of limitations of different screens

o Be personal (it can be an intrusive medium)

o Be targeted

o Talk in the same language as your customers

o Lrn txt spk-especially for youth markets

o Use an SMS copywriter

Step 4: Test , test and test again..

o Test the campaign on different screens

o Test different networks (i.e. Vodaphone, Orange)

o Check to see if the appropriate replies are sent etc

o If it is a competition, plan for unusual/wrong answers and have suitable replies in place.

o Test language, typos and technical (not all symbols will come out as you expect).

Step 5: Measurement and tracking

Some indicators that you may use to measure success of the campaign are:

o Open rates

o Foot traffic (to website etc)

o Offer acceptance

o Replies

o Redemption rate

o Brand awareness…


o Use it as an automated data capture

o Consider timing

o Trial different approaches

o Exploit “landgrab” opportunities by using SMS before your competitors do.

o Use only opt in and give opt out route (the more automated the better)

o Identify yourself

Common Mistakes:

o Poor targeting and relevance

o Not identifying the sender

o Poor copywriting

o Targeting wrong audience with wrong offer/message

o Messages sent out at wrong time

o Not allowing recipient to unsubscribe

o Typos

o No personalisation

o Inability for systems/customer service, to handle responses


o It’s an important marketing medium and it’s here to stay

o It’s about the experience not the technology

o Plan ahead so you get it right

o Be creative with your campaign

o Keep IT Simple Stupid (KISS) applies

An Ounce Of Help Is Better Than A Pound Of Preaching

It’s very difficult to console someone who is down. Criticism won’t help but a listening heart can. Feeling what someone else is going through is already a comfort. Understanding and empathy is better than a pound of preaching because of a mistake. Blaming won’t help either. Though, it’s easier to find fault with other people but it’s different when your compassion is what they needed.

Acknowledge that you understand the person’s feelings. Sometimes people want to seek advice or a solution to their problem. But as seen, they usually want to vent their feelings. This is especially true for women. So, just listen. Let that the other person to talk, so that they can sort their feelings themselves; they may not even be able to articulate why they’re feeling down, unless you draw it out of them.

Never minimize their pain or try to cheer them up. When faced with tears, sometimes we insist that whatever they’re upset about is no big deal. Don’t trivialize their experience, but walk through it with them. Put yourself on their shoes so that you can easily understand what they’ve been through. Words may not be that trivial but the way you respond to a situation matters.

Sometimes people don’t want to talk and just want to be held in silence. They also just want to feel that they are not alone. So, your presence is already enough to comfort them. Even if you won’t offer consoling words, the mere fact that you stay with them is already a relief.

In such circumstance, the person typically feels better after having shared the burden in their heart, and the pain fades eventually. Having someone who is willing to listen and will never judge you despite your flaws is a gift. How on earth I survive life’s struggle if I don’t have a friend whom I can lean on especially when I am so down and depressed.

Money is nothing compared to a friend who can help you without extending any monetary budget to you. If a problem is not resolve yet, she can offer you a solution to improve the situation without pressuring you to do it. She always listens. Even if she also has problems of her own.

With someone who’s sad not because of an isolated event, but because they suffer from disappointments, just talk to her and listen. Excess rumination is not only ineffective in alleviating depressed feelings, it can also worsen them.

Server Monitoring a Must for Your Website

You will find many products that can offer server monitoring . The more you research these programs the more you will find out about these monitoring programs. Some seem to offer many extras while others just offer server monitoring, but they promise it is top of the line. You will need to be able to compare the types of programs that will benefit you and your website the best. And then do some major research to see which program looks to fit best with all its abilities.

Research how much information that the program gives you when there is a problem. You will want to be sure that you will be able to figure out where there problem is and what the solution is, if your software does not help pin point this you may not find it very helpful, and may even need to invest in other software that will help you with this. This may be quite a hassle if you could have gotten it all in one program.

You will want to be sure that you have your site monitored so that way you can keep all of you information safe, and also ensure your customers that their information will be safe. You could risk losing all of this important information to hackers, spyware, identity theft, fraudulent credit card activity, and more.

If this happens your site will become popular very quickly as it will be spread around all over the news and social networks that it is an unsafe place to visit on the World Wide Web. This will be very bad for business as you want to get your site talked about but not the way you would like for it to be.

Some of the programs will offer you charts and tables that show how your website is running. You can set some of these programs up to email you or text you when there may be a problem with you r website. This is a great extra to have because if you are away from your computer and something goes wrong you will know right away.

Top 7 Dog Myths

Myths about dogs can endanger your dog's safety if believed and acted upon. Canine Kingdom exposes myths, old wives' tales and methods of communicating with dogs that do not work. Canine Kingdom will further refine and massively communicate our knowledge base about dogs – so that an accurate understanding of dogs is clear, broadly held, and protected. To separate fact from fiction, Canine Kingdom brings you debunked myths, verified facts, and statistically proven methods.

Dogs must have bones!

The most common symbol associated with dogs, the 'bone', is actually damaging to dogs! It is an erroneous myth that dogs should have bones. Unless you are working with a specialist or are experienced in raw feeding do not give dogs raw food or bones. Dogs have dental care needs just like humans. Their teeth wear down from hard bones, and can even break. Cooked bones should never be given to dogs. The heat changes the chemical and physical properties of bones and they resist digestion and can not be chewed properly, splintering into jagged shards. There are several options available to provide your dogs the chewing exercise they love and crave: Kongs; 'fill n freeze' nylon bones; and tough (but soft) chew toys.

Never disturb a dog when he's eating

One of the highest incidence rates of dog bites occurs when a dog's food is disturbed. Dog parents may conclude it's best not to disturb a dog when he's eating. But what it really means is that your dog sees you and / or your kids as a threat, rather than the best thing that's ever happened to him. Every dog ​​should learn to look forward to the presence of people near their bow because he's going to get a surprise yummy treat. To do this, start by hand feeding your dog-using an open palm. Then, each time you feed your dog, disturb his bowl or food in some way – starting with touching your dog and working your way to actually putting your hand in his bowl. That way, when someone inadvertently knocks his bowl over or a child reaches for his food, he will not respond as though his meal is being fired.

A cold, wet nose, indicates a healthy dog

The nose of a healthy dog ​​should be at normal body temperature without he is out in cold, wintry air (just like our noses). So remember, it is not a wet nose that tells you your dog is healthy, but rather a dry, hot nose that tells you something may be wrong.

Brushing is good for the coat

This is a partial myth. While brushing is necessary to keep your dog's coat clean and detangled between baths, brushing too hard can rough the hair cuticle, exposing its cortex and leaving the hair porous and frayed. Rule of thumb – if you can hear the brush, you are brushing too hard!

You must have a yard for your dog

Absolutely not true! Dogs are social animals, so they absolutely want to be with you. Ninety-nine percent of the time when a dog is in the yard, he's hanging out at the back door waiting to come back inside with you. And you'll notice that even inside a 10,000-square-foot house, the dog will tend to be right by your feet.

Dogs should not be fed table scraps

This is one of the most widespread myths the manufacturers of some pet food products perpetuate. They claim that table scraps will offset the balance of the commercial dog food. Just like humans, dogs should not be fed the same meal every single day of their lives. Dietary deficiencies do not appear overnight but need a long period of consistently poor nutrition to develop. Dogs will not automatically get fat, learn to beg at the table, or refuse to eat their own food just because they are fed table scraps. They will, however, do those things for various other reasons, like being overfed or trained that they can get food from your table. Feed your dog 'human' food in their bowls.

Pit Bulls have locking jaws

According to Dr. Sandy deLaHunta, a noted dog neurologist, and Dr. Katherine Houpt, a dog behaviorist, there is no such thing as "jaw locking" or a "jaw locking mechanism" in pit bulls or in any breed of dog. They both concurred that the power of the bite is proportional to the size of the jaws and the jaw muscles. And they concluded that there is no anatomical structure that could be a locking mechanism in any dog.

Do you have a myth about dogs that has proven to be false? A fact that has proven to be true? Please send your myths and facts with proof of verification to:
Research @ Canine Kingdom.com

by Mary Beth Close

DU Admission 2017: Everything you wants to know about

The online enrollment for DU admission to undergraduate courses of Delhi College saw around 200 passages inside 10 minutes after it was tossed open to people in general.

DU Admission 2017

“Between 6 pm and 6:10 pm, we saw around 200 online enrollments. In the event that the present energy proceeds with, we can expect around 10,000 applications on a principal day,” said an authority related with the admissions division.

Inside a one-and-half hour, the numbers shot up to around 6,300 candidates, an official discharge said. “The two most looked for after courses are BCom and BA (Hons) in English. In the games classification, most extreme enlistments were for ball and extracurricular exercises,” it said.

The online enrollments for admissions to undergraduate programs started for its 60 UG courses in 62 schools partnered with the varsity with around 54,000 seats. “We are observing the advancements,” said the authority.

Race to DU online enlistment starts

Be that as it may, wannabes were held up holding up to get to the enlistment page which was loaded due to the underlying surge.

The varsity is scheduled to declare its initially cut-off rundown on June 20, 2017. Starting at now, six cut-off dates have been reported. Be that as it may, additionally cut-off records might be declared relying upon empty seats in universities, an official proclamation said.

Prior in the day, the Delhi College’s 10-day advising session or ‘Open Days’ started with around 600 understudies rushing the North Grounds with a pack loaded with inquiries.

Candidates for a few subjects like Lone wolf of Administration Studies (BMS), Single man of Business Organization (Monetary Venture Examination), BA (Hons) Business Financial matters, Humanities and Sociologies, Interactive media and Mass Correspondence, BTech (Data Innovation and Scientific Developments) need to show up for passage test.

You can also check all the details on the official du.ac.in website for better information.