Credit Card Minimum Payments to Increase Soon

To try and save us from ourselves, the Office of the Controller has recommended that credit card companies make their customers pay higher minimum payments, up to double the current amount. This will affect at least 7% who currently only pay the minimum and those who can only afford to pay a small portion over the minimum.

These days the average consumer has 4-6 credit cards and $ 8-20 thousand dollars in credit card debt and rising. Paying only the minimum and never charging again will keep you in debt for 30-60 years, depending on interest, late fees and over limit costs.

The guidelines to raise the credit card minimum were made in 2003, but the banks and credit card companies wanted some time to ease into it. Some say, they waited until the new bankruptcy laws were in effect, so they would have less to lose. There's no set date when your credit card company will start increasing your minimum payments, just know they will and probably soon. Some already have. I have read dates from July to October of this year and many thought it was going to happen last year, so be warned.

What can you do, if you will not be able to afford this increase?

You can contact your credit card companies and see if any will work out a lower payment for you on a temporary basis. Keep in mind that frequently, when you have payment arrangements like this, they will not let you use your credit card, so keep at least one available for emergencies.

You can hire a debt consolidation company to get a personal loan for you and pay off all your credit cards. Personal loans usually do not have very low interest rates, like a home equity loan or refinancing your home. If you do not think it will take you too long to pay off or you do not own a home, this may be the way to go. You can also hire these people to make payment arrangements for you or charge off some of your debt. Be careful here, any debt that they get "charged off" for you will show that way on your credit report, lowering your credit score dramatically, and you will have to pay taxes on the charge off amount as income.

One solution, including trying to curb your spending, is to either get a home equity line of credit or refinance your home. The interest rates are lower than a personal loan or credit card and spread out farther, so you will pay a much lower monthly payment. You always have the option of paying more than the minimum when you can afford to.

If your debts are moderate, but you may need more in the future for home repairs, my suggestion would have to go with the home equity line of credit. Get approved for a little more than your debts and expected home repairs, so you will not have to worry about getting another one for a while. Try to pay more than the minimum whenever you can without risking your cash flow.

If you have a lot of credit card debt, home repairs that need to be made, an unstable job or other situation that could make matters much worse at any time, you should probably consider refinancing. If it's been at least a year or more since you purchased or previously refinanced your home you probably have enough equity, depending on where you live of course. Also, if you've been making your payments on time for the past year or more, you'll have a good payment history and should have a good enough credit score to get a decent rate.

If you have late payments, you still may want to consider refinancing at a higher rate, as a temporary solution. Your interest rate will probably be much less than your credit card interest, so you'll pay a lower monthly payment and not risk ruining your credit or worse, losing your house. If you pay all your bills on time for the following 1 to to 2 years, you can refinance again to get a better rate.

If you think that the rise in credit card minimum payments will affect you adversely, try to make a decision on what you are going to do about it soon. The longer you put it off, the harder it will be to deal with in the future.

The Difference Between Monoblock Wheels and 3 Piece Forged Wheels

In the wheel industry monoblock and 3 piece are two of the most popular types of forged wheels. The terms “monoblock” and “3 piece” refer to the construction of the wheel, but the similarities end there. In fact, there are many differences between the two types that make each ideal for different kinds of automotive applications.

Monoblock wheelsare also referred to as “one-piece” wheels, meaning that they are forged into a single part without any removable components. During the manufacturing process a monoblock wheel begins as a single, round block of 6061-T1 aluminum alloy. The aluminum block is compressed and subjected to intense heat which creates a dense grain structure and forms a round, blank piece of metal. The single piece of aluminum alloy is then flow-formed and placed in a CNC milling machine where the spokes are formed to finish the manufacturing process.

Being that monoblocks are made from a single piece of aluminum alloy, they are the lightest of forged wheels. Their low weight is sought after as they help to reduce unsprung mass which can reduce acceleration times, enhance braking, and improve handling. Monoblock wheels are often less expensive than their 2- or 3-piece forged counterparts, as fewer parts are used for construction. However, if a monoblock wheel is damaged or bent they are difficult to repair, often requiring a complete wheel replacement.

3 piece forged wheels offer different advantages over monoblocks, mostly from a styling standpoint. A 3 piece wheel has three main parts: a center, the outer hoop or “lip”, and the inner hoop. The manufacturing process of 3 piece wheels is similar to that of a monoblock, except more aluminum alloy blocks are used due to the increased number of parts. After all of the pieces are milled, they are fastened together using a number of perimeter bolts and sealed using Silicone RTV.

The construction of 3 piece forged wheels allows manufacturers the ability to offer a wider range of widths and fitments for customers. 3 piece wheels are also the most customizable as any of the components can be easily painted or chromed to create a unique color scheme. If they sustain any damage it can be readily replaced. In addition, 3 piece forged wheels retain the highest resale value amongst used wheels. 3 piece wheels are not without their disadvantages. They are the most expensive forged wheels because of their multi-piece manufacturing, and if the RTV Silicone seal is broken, leaks can form.

Credit Card Debt Settlement Letter – 'How To'

Writing a credit card debt settlement letter can be scary but if you write your credit card debt settlement letter properly, you can eliminate much of your debt. Let's discuss how to write your settlement offer properly so you achieve success.

To begin, a credit card debit settlement letter is as the title suggests, a letter that you write to your creditors in which you negotiate for or request that they settle your reduce the balance of what you owe. The credit card company then responds with an offer of settlement, in which they will agree to a payment plan or to forgive a portion of what you owe, this will be their counter offer.

The negotiation for the settlement of your debt will continue until you reach an agreement with your lender. It is common for the card company to settle a half to two thirds of your debt in order to settle the account. The lenders, for accounting purposes would rather walk in most cases than to continue to hound you for any delinquent accounts.

You will want to write your debt settlement letter and negotiate in writing with your credit card company so that you document any offers they make from start to finish. Avoid negotiating over the phone with your credit, but if you do, make sure that they fax any offer directly to you so you have documentation.

When writing your credit card debt settlement letter be sure to follow these guidelines for success:

  • Begin your debt negotiation very low, do not worry about being outrageous, they will counter your offer and you never know, they might accept.
  • Make it very clear to your creditor that you intend and wish to pay your debt, but are unable to, detail your hardship, and communicate with them as they are more willing to help than you might expect.
  • Check your debt settlement letter for spelling and grammar errors, and write as clearly as possible.
  • There is no need to sound 'legal,' it is OK to sound like an average person and not a lawyer, just clearly state your purpose with the letter.

There are services that can help you with your credit card debt settlement letter if you do not wish to do it yourself. Attorneys can help and they are knowledgeable and it can be beneficial to consult an attorney, but they are expensive, and for smaller debts it is not necessary.

Looking To Be A Cuckold? How To Find Dominant Women

Are you looking to be a cuckold? Either a cuckold boyfriend or husband? A great many men like yourself have this strong urge to enter a cuckolding relationship. If you read the following paragraphs, I will share with you my tips on how to find a dominant women the easy way.

Avoid these sites …

Most men seeking a "femdom" relationship will begin by getting a dating membership to a cuckolding dating site. Save your time and money. I can not speak for every site but the vast majority have a bad reputation. Believe it or not, there are vast number of men like yourself. This means sites for it have become hugely expensive. The cheapest membership I can find is $ 55 each month! And it is not only the prices that should put you off. Once you join these sites you find them have very few members.

Sites to join for free …

For any man looking to be a cuckold I would always – always – advise joining a popular adult dating community. Why? Well, the better of them offer free memberships to new members. That way you can give it a free test-run. See if you like it. Not only that, but these sites have larger populations than most small countries. Some have more than 10 million registered members.

How to find dominant women …

Once you have made your free account on such a service, you will want to know how to find a dominant woman. Easy. Write in the text of your profile that you wish to enter a cuckold relationship. Now, just go to the "people finder" page and put in a search for local women. Begin sending friend requests. Most of the people who see your request will first check your profile. If your profile reads "I want to be in a cuckold relationship, so please only contact me or accept my friend request if you want this too" then you build up a list of local female friends who will consider cuckolding you.

4 Minute Money Review – How to Make a Quick Money System

Are you looking to read a 4 Minute Money review? This system promises to teach users how to make quick money online, but I am sure that you will be very skeptical about this website after reading through it.

I knew I was really skeptical when I read about it, but I had also found many positive testimonials about it too. Occasionally, I decided to try this 4 Minute Money system by Harris Fellman and Brian Kosobucki out of curiosity, and I have not looked back ever since.

1. Will You Make Big Money With 4 Minute Money?

This system requires some time to get going, so you need to keep your expectations in check and not expect to see the kind of results you see on its website so soon. With every 4 Minute Money system that you setup, there is a 90% chance that it will continue to keep bringing you income for months to come so long as the visitors remain members for whichever service you promote.

When repeated enough times, the amount of residual income that you can earn will keep increasing every day. It is entirely possible that this passive income stream will replace and become much larger than your day job income.

2. What Is Included in The 4 Minute Money Package?

This package contains 5 PDF guides that list the strategies of this system in a step-by-step fashion. There is also a software suite called 4 Minute Automation Software that contains a bunch of powerful programs. They have made my life a lot easier by automating many of the monotonous processes that need to be done to keep the system going.

For example, there is the Blogger SEO Tool that helps me optimize the sites that I create automatically, something which I would otherwise have to waste around 15 minutes to do for every small system that I setup.

How to Send Anonymous Mail – 3 Things You Must Watch For!

To keep perfect anonymity when sending real mail, it is recommended that you take advantage of a professional organization that specializes in this. If you really want to know how to send anonymous mail and never be found out if you do not want to be, keep reading this article. We will cover the 3 most important things you need to consider with any anonymous mailing campaign.

First, let me just say this. People want to learn how to send anonymous mail for a variety of reasons. Some people want to give a gift without taking any credit. Others are looking to give money to someone who would otherwise reject it out of pride. And then there are folks who are looking to supply sensitive information that may embarrass the recipient, and the sender does not want to share in that embarrassment.

Another common reason why many people learn how to send anonymous mail is for the purpose of revenge. They want to send something that can embarrass, shock, or hurt the recipient, or even completely drag their reputation through the mud. A re-mailing service would certainly work for this, although it is important that you stay within the law when running this type of mail campaign.

As promised, here are the 3 things you must watch for when learning how to send anonymous mail:

1. Be sure the company you're entrusting your sensitive materials to is, in fact, trustworthy. They should not keep records of their clients. They should not snoop through anything you instruct them not to. If they are not respecting your privacy at every turn, then it kind of defeats the purpose of operating anonymously.

2. Make sure they're willing to do some hand writing, especially when it comes to addressing the recipient's envelope. The less it looks like you or someone you know was involved, the less expectation your target will point in your direction. Many companies will even let you choose whether you would like a male or a female to do the writing for you. It is wise to take advantage of this, if only for addressing the envelope.

3. Do not use a company in your area. In fact, look as far away as you can. If you live in Texas, for example, use a company based in New York or Illinois … random is good. Remember, the location of the company you're using determines the location indicated on the letter's postmark. This is absolutely critical to the preservation of your complete and total anonymity.

When it's all said and done, your anonymity relates very heavily upon the amount of homework you do upfront. Investigate good re-mailers and pick the one that makes the most sense to you. This is really how to send anonymous mail in a way that gets your message across the way you want it to, while still hiding any trace of your personal involvement.

Sand From the Beach – How to Clean & Keep the Sand Out of Your Home & Car From the Beach!

Sand loves on the beach and not in your car or home. Everyone loves the beach, but unfortunately the sand loves to follow you when you leave. Although it is virtually impossible to keep every grain of sand on the beach and not in your car or home, a few basic steps can tremendously lower the amount.

1. Always wear sandals on the beach and not shoes that can trap sand.

2. Always carry toys, magazines, snacks, towels and other beach accessories in a mesh bag to allow the sand to fall out vers getting trapped in the bag to eventually end up in your car or home.

3. Place a tote in your trunk to place all beach bags, towels and chairs. The tote can be taken out of your car when you get home to wash off everything inside it.

4. Keep a small hose with attachment to wash feet off before entering your home.

5. Keep a bowl with water by the door and a towel on a hook. Clean your feet off before entering the house when coming home from the beach by sticking your feet in the bowl. Remember to put fresh water daily in the bowl to prevent bugs from attracting like mosquitoes.

6. Consider buying the Hoover Nomad Cordless Pressure Washer. Great to keep in your trunk to hose off feet, toys or chairs before getting into the car. This small unit holds 3.5 Gallons of water and is great at the beach, sporting events and anything imaginable outdoors. Long hose, 90 PSI and long battery life.

7. Keep your doormats by your home clean and new. Doormats do a tremendous job in attracting dirt when newer. Shake out regularly and spray down with a hose periodically. Keep your indoor mats clean daily and wash them weekly.

8. Consider an outdoor changing area to allow sandy bathing suits to stay outside and not inside a bedroom or bathroom. Rinse off the suit before bringing in a home.

9. Have a good stick vacuum near your entry areas to the home to capture the sand quickly. The three best stick vacuums are the Hoover Platinum Stick Vacuum, Oreck Rechargeable PR8000 and Karcher Sweeper.

10. The best vacuums indoor for capturing sand once inside the home are the Oreck XL 2000, Hoover C1404 and Koblenz Upright Vacuum.

The beach can be a very relaxing experience. Following these steps can make leaving the beach less stressful by bringing less of the beach sand home with you.

Prolonging the Life of Scooter Batteries

The life of your electric scooter generally depends on your electric scooter batteries. The longer your batteries live, the longer your scooter works. Here are some tips to prolong the life of your batteries.


All rechargeable batteries have a definite lifespan in terms of the number of charging cycles. You can either maximize this lifespan or reduce it based on how you discharge and recharge your batteries. There is no way of extending its lifespan, even in electric scooter batteries.

In order to maximize the number of charging cycles of your batteries, it is recommended that you use your batteries until they are completely discharged. This is because every time you charge, you use up one charging cycle regardless of whether you've completely drained your batteries or not.

Physical abuse

Your electric scooter batteries are delayed to physical abuse, and this can shorten their lifespan significantly. Violent shaking, bumps, and even prolonged exposure to intestinal heat can affect the chemical components of your batteries and therefore shorten their charging capacities.

To address this problem, remember to avoid leaving your scooters under the sun for a long time. Instead, find a place where you can park your scooter under a shade. As an alternative, you can also buy those insulating covers that reflect some of the heat away from your ride when you have now else to park.

To prevent shaking from affecting your batteries, avoid running over bumps on the road. They are not only damaging to your electric scooter batteries, but they can also cause serious road accidents.


When charging, your electric scooter batteries are more susceptible to electrical fluctuations. To avoid the effects of these fluctuations on your batteries, use the original charger that came with your scooter. Do not switch chargers with other models or replace them with cheaper imitations. Your scooters' original chargers are equipped with measures to prevent fluctuations. This ensures that your charger delivers the same quality of charging all through.

How to Send Money To Other Countries

Sending money online has become a standard practice in the last few years and is easy enough that even someone who is a first timer will be able to complete the transaction successfully with ease. There are just a few simple things to keep in mind that will make this activity more or less a breeze.

To begin with, before jumping in feet first, be sure to research the various ways to send money because one might be more up your alley then another. Some of the various types of money transferring services out there are as follows-you can send it through a bank, which will wire your money to a partner branch wherever it is you need the money to go.

This is one of the most secure methods of sending money internationally. Another way is to deposit an amount of money on a prepaid debit card and send it through the mail that way. This is the second most secure way, and one of the easiest. You can repeated place funds on the card for whoever it belongs to and the recipient will have quick access to them. They simply need to take it to an ATM and withdraw the money. There will be a one-time charge of no more than five dollars but this is much less than the fee he or she would be paying to withdraw from a bank, especially if it was an international money transfer.

Another way to send money is through traveler's checks but these are rarely used anymore. In fact not a lot of places are equipped to accept traveler's checks, especially if it is small business in a small town. This can lead to trouble if you find yourself somewhere that does not accept this form of check and that is the only form of money you have. It is especially not recommended to use in international countries. With travelers checks you will have to take them to a bank to have them switched over into the native currency and while this will not take very long, it can be quite expensive. It would be better to have one of the prepaid debit cards along with you.

If you keep in mind the simple steps above then the process of sending money will be a cinch. There is very little red tape to get through in order to complete the process and most any bank or financial institution is set up and capable of helping you through the entire process right down to actually sending it for you. Essentially, sending money is faster and easier than before.