Things to Do in Beau Vallon Seychelles

Seychelles is becoming a leading tourist destination located just off the African coast. The Republic of Seychelles comprises of over one hundred islands providing visitors with the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches, crystal blue waters and spectacular sunsets that will keep them coming back for more.

Beau Vallon is a bay which is located on the main island of Mahe, offering visitors a true island paradise experience with a host of activities for the entire family. The island is surrounded by white sandy beaches and clear blue waters, providing you with a place where you can relax and recharge your batteries before returning to the hustle and bustle of home.

One of the most beautiful places you must visit when in Beau Vallon Seychelles is the Beau Vallon Bay Beach. This beach stretches for miles offering you with a place to soak up the sun and dip in the Indian Ocean. The great thing about this beach, is that while it is exceptionally popular, due to its size, it never feels overcrowded. You can easily find your spot on the white sand and sit back and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves.

If you’re traveling as a family, then you must take a boat trip on the Nemo Dolphin glass bottomed boats. If you don’t scuba dive or snorkel, then this is the best way to experience the beautiful underwater world that surrounds the island. As you head out to the clear waters, you can watch the fish and corals below the boat, experiencing something so unique without getting wet.

Another must when in Beau Vallon Seychelles is visiting the famous Seychelles Brewery. While just outside Beau Vallon, it is within easy access and you can see how the beers and made and enjoy some tasting. It’s an interesting and cultural experience being guided through the brewery and learning all there is to know on how they work and what beers they supply to the local trade on a daily basis.

The Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clark market is another must to see when visiting Beau Vallon Seychelles. This market is exceptionally busy and is based in the heart of the Mahe capital. Here you will find an abundance of fresh foods from fruits to seafood. There is also a wide range of boutique shops where you can buy anything from clothing to souvenirs. It’s a fun experience, enjoying the sights and sounds of the bustling market and seeing all the bright colours and the aroma of fresh foods.

Mont Fleuri Botanical Gardens is another must to see when visiting Beau Vallon Seychelles. These gardens date back to 1901 and sit on six hectares. The gardens have become a top tourist attraction with thousands of visitors pouring through the gates on a daily basis.

The Mont Fleuri Botanical Gardens sit at the food of the Mont Fleuri Mountain and contain thirty three difference species of palm trees and sixty six different tree species. There is also a wide range of wild animal and birds to spots as you make around the perfectly manicured gardens and relax under a tree as your children play in the background.

To make the most of your Beau Vallon Seychelles experience you will want to stay in a resort that is centrally located. The resort should offer the added convenience of car hire, giving you the opportunity to explore the entire island during your stay and see everything this beautiful piece of paradise has to offer.

Source by Shirley Henriette

Best Hybrid E-Bike: Yukon Trails Xplorer Sport Hybrid E-Bike

So, you have seen the electric bikes and you have decided to look into them. They are cool, sporty and save you that dreaded visit to the gas pump. But, when you look into it, there are an amazing number of options. With the abundance of e-bikes on the market now, manufacturers are specializing in the different types of bikes that would allow the rider the same choices and convenience as the more traditional bikes. This new abundance of e-bike choices can leave the rider confused. When is a hybrid the right e-bike solution?

A hybrid e-bike could be the perfect solution to meet all your general needs. As a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike, it offers many of the desired characteristics of both: the lighter frame of the road bike and the sturdier construction with wider wheels of the mountain bike.

As you may be aware, hybrid bicycles blend favored characteristics of other traditional bikes- mountain bikes, road bikes and touring bikes. While some feel this leaves them a “jack of all trades” and “master of none” the basic ingredients leave a great general purpose bike which is stable, comfortable, easy to use and very versatile. The bikes are then great for urban commuting, recreational cycling and light trail riding.

As with every feature however, each choice defines its abilities while limiting others. It is wise to clearly define the way in which you will be using your e-bike. While the hybrid does sport many of the desired characteristics of both the mountain and the road bikes, it does have its limitations. If you want to ride on extremely rocky terrain, the hybrid would not be the right choice. The tires and frame are robust enough to easily manage fair slopes and rougher terrain… but would be challenged by boulder bouncing off-roading.

Among our readership and those surveyed, the Xplorer Sport Hybrid by Yukon Trails was definitely the favorite in its class

In this category among those surveyed and who answered our consumer polls, the Xplorer sport (either the XF26 or the XM26 which indicates whether the model is for a male or a female and the wheel size which is 26″) by Yukon Trail is extremely lightweight when comparing the specifications of the closest competitors. The 250W in-hub motor has a rechargeable 36V 10AH li-ion battery which is easily removed for indoor charging. When fully charged, allows the bike up to a 30 mile range at a maximum speed of 15 miles per hour (depending on terrain and rider weight) on as single charge. The seven speed Shimano shifter allows for the versatility in traversing most grades. The bike is also equipped with LED headlights and rear headlights with flashing option. The suspension fork and the comfortable seat allow for inner city rides and light off-roading.

Other accolades from readers included the extremely simple assembly, easy handleability and the supreme power on even steep grades. The removable battery allows for easy recharging. Also noted among respondents was Yukon’s customer service which was supported by real and responsive humans.


· Top speeds of 15 mph (rider contingent)

· PAS (pedal-assisted system)

· Charged range of up to 30 miles

· LiFePo4, 36V/10AH li-ion battery

· Electric ignition

· 7-Speed Shimano drivetrain

· Front and rear Tektro V-brakes

· Rims: Alloy Double Wall 26″

· Front Fork: Alloy suspension

· 26″x 1.75W Kenda Tires

· LED head and rear lights

· Weight limit: 250 lbs

· Net weight 60 lbs

· 1 year warranty


· Versatile construction for commuting, trekking and light off-roading

· Sturdy components

· Manufacturer installed LED lights

· Stylish design

· Sturdy components

· Pedal assisted system

· Quick release battery for easy recharge

· Great price point per similar models


· May not handle rough terrain as well as mountain bikes

· May be slightly heavier than some road bikes

· Some riders objected to weight

· Motor is not silent


Source by Randy Stuart

Self Gratitude and Personal Success

Self gratitude is the ability to appreciate self without the benefit of an outside influence and it is something that is very difficult for most people to do though without a doubt it is the most powerful thing any of us can learn to do.

There are so many different tools and systems to success that it could boggle the mind if one was to spend too much time looking around at all the options. There is, however, a single unifying thread that makes any or all tools and systems work – or not – the user. Each tool and system is powered by how the user feels about them selves. Gratitude in any form is a powerful attitude that will net results, however self gratitude is a power tool that can change all things. It is the key to personal success – whatever that means to you.

Many of us picked up where our parents left off with the practice of berating ourselves anytime our performance is less than what we perceive as our very best or beyond our capability. In many cases, we have set ourselves up by expecting the impossible which we can’t live up to, and then beating on ourselves for not being able to live up to our expectations. For those of us who do that, we have left little or no room to let ourselves off the hook.

The interesting thing about that little game with ourselves is that like our parents, we would never reward ourselves for substandard performance. Having a successful business that offers freedom and flexibility is a very big reward – that would feel much like it would have felt if our parents actually did buy us that brand new Porche for our 18th birthday. The problem is, few of us actually feel deserving of rewarding ourselves with such a big prize.

There is hope in the power tool called self gratitude or self appreciation; it’s just a matter of learning how to use it and applying it as consistently as possible. Here’s the rub: Often, people will dive on this idea and try and perform it perfectly – which is nearly impossible at the best of times never mind just starting out – allowing their ‘not good enough’ thinking to propel them right back into the ‘beat them selves up’ game.

It’s time to tell ourselves, ‘enough already!!’ It is time to break that self defeating heart breaking cycle that keeps us from grabbing the golden ring, that is – in every respect – our birthright. What that means is that learning to practice self appreciation requires that we begin to appreciate ourselves when we are less then satisfied with our accomplishments as well as when we are satisfied. It’s time to get off our own backs!!

But how do you get there?

Most of us are used to making a to-do list so that might be the easiest place to start. How about starting a ‘done’ list? I have been using done lists for several years now and my experience is that a done list supports me in appreciating myself by giving me a visual way of acknowledging everything I get done. This will be particularly helpful to women who are taking care of a household while at the same time trying to build a business.

Your done list should include everything on your to-do list, every house hold chore you do, every phone call you make, every errand you run and also everything you do for yourself. In fact, that last piece – what you have done for yourself – may be the most important part of the list. We will come back to that part in a minute but first let’s look at house hold chores.

When I said EVERY house hold chore, I meant exactly that. If you pick up some clothes off the floor, let the dog in or grab the mail; all of this needs to be noted because every action requires time out of your day and if you just happen to have an entire day of handling little things that aren’t listed, you run the risk of thinking you wasted your day. This done list is an important snap shot of what you accomplish that will help you recognize that you do a great deal and therefore there is much for you to appreciate about yourself.

There are a few reasons to list everything you do for yourself and the most important one is: You are the most important person in your life. If you don’t recognize the things you do for yourself as important, you are discounting the value of yourself and definitely not in a position of self appreciation. If you find at the end of most days, there is nothing on your list to take care of self, then it is time to squeeze yourself into your day. That might seem hard at first but it is well worth the effort.

Always start by appreciating what is. If you took a shower, put it on your list and appreciate yourself for doing something for yourself. Did you read something you love? That also goes on your list and don’t forget to appreciate yourself for doing something for you! The time involved in doing for self is the most important time in your day. Let’s face it, if you aren’t taking care of you, you have less energy to take care of others and your business. Take the time you need to recharge and let the gratitude you feel for yourself spread to the other things you do and the people you are doing for.

You will find that as time passes, your done list will get longer and longer. There are a couple of magic things that happens with appreciating what you actually get done. First, you will find that you get better at the things you do which will make them quicker to perform and therefore less time consuming. Second, you will find you have more time in your day to do things. As to why that happens, well that is another several page article so I wont explain, however, it is my promise to you that if you are diligent over time, these things will happen.

Another useful tool is the self appreciation list. It’s a simple thing to do and it may change your life faster then most other things. Take 5 minutes at the start and end of your day and write down 10 things you appreciate about yourself. It can be things that you are like ‘I am brilliant,’ ‘I am an awesome parent,’ ‘I am love,’ actions you’ve taken like, ‘I helped an elderly lady with her groceries today,’ ‘I smiled at the cashier,’ ‘I assisted my child with their homework,’ abilities you have such as ‘I am a great cook,’ ‘I love to make bird houses,’ ‘I am a wonderful networker,’ or anything else that you can think of that shows what a special and wonderful person you are – to yourself.

No one else will see your lists so go wild, get crazy and shine so that you can see your magnificence. I personally applied this method for almost 3 years and the transformation has been glorious, permanent and life changing. I became my own power tool.

Arrogance vs. Appreciation

Many clients who begin this journey are concerned they will seem arrogant or conceited as they move more fully into appreciating themselves. Nothing can be further from the truth. Folks who seem arrogant or conceited are not in a space of appreciating self; they are instead doing and saying things with the intention of getting others to appreciate them to fill the void they feel because they don’t appreciate themselves.

Arrogance is an outward journey of someone who believes that what they need and want are outside of them selves. Self appreciation is an inward journey that will assist you to allow your light to shine outward to the world around making you more attractive, more magnetic, and more effective and most importantly – more of who you really are.

Ever know anyone whom everyone liked, who built massive down lines without hardly any effort and everything they touched seem to turn to gold? That someone that your kids can’t wait to see, always has a smile for everyone, is helpful at every turn and always seems to make any gathering even better? Ever wish you were more like that person?

There is one common thread for every person who fits that description – they appreciate themselves, whether they know it or not. They are their own power tool!

The good news is, you too can be that, and it is just a habit of appreciating yourself until you are your own power tool!

Good job!!

Source by Kat McCarthy

Top 6 Methods of Remittance to India

According to the World Bank report, since 2004, remittance to India has increased to up to33%. In 2006, $24.6 billion was remitted to India. Over the years, the strengthening Indian market has succeeded in winning the confidence of foreign investors in investing in India. This has really helped the Indian economy to survive in the recession period. To facilitate foreign investors, the government of India replaced the Foreign Exchange Control Act (FERA) with Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) in 2000. FEMA offers more relaxation as compared to FERA.

Popular Methods for Remittance, India

There are different types of methods for remittance to India. The trusted and popular ways by which people abroad send money to India include:

Wire Transfer: By this method, you can send money in two days. The presence of banking codes and routing codes in this method makes it secure.

Money Orders:

These money orders are provided by the banks, by which you can send money to your loved ones in India. You can easily buy one from your local bank and send it via mail. This is a secure method to send money, but it takes time.

Foreign Currency Cheques:

This is the simplest process of remittance to India. You just have to write a cheque and deliver it to the recipient. The recipient can cash it from his bank. However, the whole process may take more than 20 days. You can send the cheque via overnight courier services to reduce the time period.

Foreign Currency Drafts:

This method is similar to sending a bank draft. This is normally preferred by businessmen. It is a time consuming but safe method. On an average, foreign currency money drafts take around 20 days to reach.

Remittance Card:

This is a like debit card. You can buy a card on behalf of the recipient. The recipient or the family member can use this as an ATM card and shopping card. All you have to do is to recharge it regularly. It is the least time consuming method of money remittance to India.

Direct Deposit:

This method is good for those people who have to send money home on a regular basis. In this method, you allow an Indian bank to withdraw money from your foreign bank account. The recipient can collect that money from the bank.

Among the various options for remittance to India, you should always choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

Source by Winston Jenkins

Smooth Momentum UB5 Upright Exercise Bike Review

The Smooth Momentum UB5 upright exercise bike is designed to meet the demands of health club users, but will provide years of solid performance in your home. The Smooth Momentum UB5’s self generating drive system requires no power cord yet can produce a whopping 900 watts of resistance. No helmet required if you already enjoy outdoor cycling, cruise to your heart’s content in the comfort of your home! You’ll never have to deal with traffic or foul weather, and the seat is much more comfortable. Rise out of the seat as if to sprint or climb a hill; the Smooth Momentum UB5 brings you all the fitness benefits of an outdoor bicycle. The display on the Smooth Momentum UB5 doesn’t shut down when you slow down, unlike other stationary bikes, so you won’t risk losing your program.

Monitoring your effort could not be easier with the patented tri color LED heart rate zone indicator. This one of a kind feature is integrated with three heart rate control programs with a Polar wireless chest strap. This heart monitor is specialized for interval training, fat burning and endurance programs. By training in your target heart rate zone, you will derive maximum fitness benefits from each workout session. Commercial components meet cutting edge functionality in the Smooth Momentum Series – the result is an exceptional cycling experience.

With a self-generating drive system, Smooth Momentum UB5 bikes utilize an electromagnetic resistance system to generate high torque at low RPM. The battery recharges as you pedal, allowing constant illumination of the display. The Smooth Momentum UB5 offers 20 resistance (tension) levels for you to choose from. The hand grip pulse monitor is ergonomically positioned so you can easily observe your heart rate when not wearing the chest strap.

Another added addition to the Smooth Momentum UB5 is the multiple programming options such as: Manual, Goal (Time, Distance, Calories), Random, Interval, Cross Country, Watts Control, METs Control, Racing, Heart Rate Control – Interval, Heart Rate Control – Fat Burning, Heart Rate Control – Endurance, User-Designed Personal Training.

All these great features would not be enjoyable without the adjustable ergonomic seat and ventilated shrouds. Say goodbye to a sore bottom! Meticulously designed to conform to the human body, the Smooth Momentum UB5’s generously cushioned seat offers 8 levels of height adjustment. Vital operating components stay cool as air circulates through the motor shrouds. Hot air is siphoned away to maintain an optimal temperature within the drive system

Taking up less floor space than many other cardio machines, the Smooth Momentum UB5 has a compact footprint of 45″ long by 27″ wide, a crank arm length of 6.5″, and the unit dimensions are 45″ L x 27″ W x 63″ H. Even though the frame is smaller, this commercial grade 3-piece crank is made of die cast alloy for maximum durability. This machine weighs 140 lbs, but can hold a 350 lb person.

Smooth is known for the exceptional warranty on all their machines. The Smooth Momentum UB5 offers an Industry-Leading Warranty, which includes: Lifetime on frame; 3 years on all parts; 1 year of in-home service – a testament to Smooth’s commitment to quality.

If you’re looking for the feel of a true bicycling workout, then a Smooth Momentum UB5 upright exercise bike is for you. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Source by Marc Jennings

Favorite Things to do in a Hammock for Summertime!

Summer is coming up just around the corner. Which is the perfect time of year, the moment you’ve been waiting for, to put your hammock to good use. Summer is our favorite season of the year, we start planning our vacations, and we go outside, take walks, go on hikes, go to the parks with our kids, and go to the beach.

If you don’t already have a hammock and are considering a hammock for your backyard, you may assume the only thing you will be able to do in it is catch a cool breeze. Actually, there are a variety of activities you can do in a hammock that make purchasing one a good investment for your backyard. We’ll be discussing some of our favorite things to do in a hammock. Feel free to add to this list, comment below, we’d love to hear what your favorite things to do in a hammock are.

Read a Book

A great way to exercise your mind and relax your body is by reading a book. If you enjoy reading a plotting twist while being able to stretch out for undeterred leisure then you’ll love doing it in a hammock, outside or inside. If your hammock is large enough to fit a few people you could gather the kids and read a story together.

Listen to Some Beats

Nothing gets you in the mood like rocking to some music, it helps you unwind. Listening to your favorite music is a great way to hang loose. Nod your head to the rhythm of the music, and while you’re rocking in your hammock it’ll rock your world!

Catch Some Shut-Eye

An afternoon nap can be a real energy booster, and there’s nothing quite like getting a few ZZZ’s in a hammock. Resting your body is second only to physical nutrition for your overall health and well-being so a good power nap can really recharge your batteries. A hammock offers some unique sleeping benefits and you have zero pressure points when you’re in a hammock that no mattress or bed can truly provide. Sleeping in a hammock has been shown to be good for you and the health benefits of hammocks are just recently being discovered and studied in more depth. So the next time you’re in the mood for some beauty sleep, climb into your hammock and you’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated.

Watch some TV! Grab a Movie!

You can use most hammocks indoors or out, so if you want to keep it indoors tonight. Dim the lights, grab a movie, or the remote, lay back and watch your favorite show. Or, have a movie night with your friends, or better yet with your lovely partner. Why sit on a couch if you could be lying on a hammock? You’ll be way more comfortable than sitting on a sofa and you will have more fun doing it.

Feel the Cool Breeze and Experience Nature

If you have a few trees in your backyard, then you can use them to hang your hammock and sit under the cool shade. Or, if you have a hammock stand you can set it up anywhere you like. If you want to cool off from the summer heat and just kick back and relax then you need a hammock. Hang your hammock in the shade and pop a cold drink to cool off from the heat.

Catch some Sun! Get that Glowing Tan for the summer!

Get that glowing tan you’ve always wanted. If you want to stay out in the sun and catch some rays, then you can do so comfortably in a hammock for hours. Set your hammock up pool side, or in your backyard to get your share of sunlight. Be sure to apply some sunscreen to prevent UVA/UVB radiation, which has been linked to skin cancer. On the other hand, you’ll also get your share of Vitamin D (also known as the “sunshine vitamin”) resulting from adequate sun exposure which provides you with some essential nutrients responsible for intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphate.

Star Gazing – Starry Night!

The use of your hammock isn’t limited to daytime use only. At night when the sun goes down, and the stars and the moon take over the sky, it’s a great time to grab a blanket, hop in your hammock with your wife, with your girlfriend, or with your kids, and snuggle together and just stare at the star filled sky. You can tell stories, just talk and laugh together. Smile. Hang Loose. Improve Your Quality of Life!

Hang Loose. Improve Your Quality of Life!

Our motto is to hang loose, and improve your quality of life! Just relax, sit back, embrace life and be happy. Forget about your worries for a second. We all lead busy and stressful lives and every so often we need to relax more and worry less. You’ll be able to really hang loose and enjoy life in a hammock. A hammock will let you relax more and worry less, which is proven to help improve your quality of life!

These are a couple of the activities you can really enjoy with a hammock in your life. Not convinced? A hammock really is a solid investment that’ll help you hang loose and improve your quality of life, but don’t take our word for it. You don’t know what you’re missing out on until you try it! Make the most of your summer this year and enjoy the good times. Get ready for summer and bust out the hammocks!

Source by Daniel Monterrosa